Vicki Benn

Vicki Benn

Vicki Benn MAR  MFHT

Vicki is a warm compassionate therapist who is qualified in Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head massage.  Vicki specialises in and has deep interests in working with children with learning disabilities, Baby and Toddler Reflexology and Cancer patients. She has worked at The Force Cancer centre  Exeter and The Lodge at Torbay Hospital treating people with cancer.

She has a passion for helping people work through issues that may be blocking progress.

Vicki is passionate about making each individual client feel special and finds heartfelt pleasure in seeing the difference her treatments make in people's lives.

If you are feeling tired and can't keep up with your daily routine, why not book a reflexology or reiki session with Vicki.


Baby Reflex and Toddler workshops

Vicki also holds a workshop to help parents/grandparents/carers understand simple reflexology techniques to use on their own baby or toddler.


Helping with issues such as:

Feeding & Digestion | Colic | Sleep disturbances | Acid reflux | Calming baby | Wind/constipation relief |

Immune boosters | Ear eye nose and throat complaints.





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