Laser Lipo at the Devon Clinic C.I.C.

 FREE Initial taster Session
Single session  £50.00

3 sessions £90.00
5 sessions   £125.00


The New Devon Laser Lipo Clinic is one of the foremost laser lipo clinics in Devon. We use the latest state-of-the-art Strawberry Laser Lipo machines.

Laser Lipo can help with the following problems:

Weight Loss Obesity Self Confidence
Low Self-Esteem

the Devon Clinic C.I.C. is pleased to offer Indian Head Massage from the following local practitioner(s):

Sue-youngSue Young


More About Laser Lipo

The Devon Clinic C.I.C. Laser lipo treatment itself is quick, painless and very relaxing.
During your initial consultation we will discuss your lifestyle factors, nothing too intimidating, just a few questions about diet, exercise and your attitude towards food.

We will ascertain the areas that you wish to target with the treatments before you are measured.
You will then be asked to lie down on a couch in our treatment room and the laser pads will be placed on the areas where you would like to see the inch loss.

Whilst the laser diodes cause the fat cells to ‘leak’ their contents you can either choose to listen to our bespoke weight loss hypnotherapy CD’s or even have a weight loss hypnotherapy session with one of our highly trained hypnotherapists. After the treatment has finished you will be measured again to see how many inches you have lost. Every body responds differently so it is only after your 1st session that we will be able to see how many sessions are best for you. We can work out a diet and exercise plan to suit you and your lifestyle so that you can gain full benefit from your sessions.

What are the benefits of the Devon Clinic C.I.C. Laser Lipo?

The most obvious benefit of the Devon Clinic C.I.C Laser Lipo is quite naturally inch loss, Laser Lipo also has many other secondary benefits. The treatment helps to promote skin tightening, this makes you feel better and helps improve self-esteem. Over the years we have seen many many clients that may not be the size or shape they desire and inch loss really does help give them that self-confidence they may have been missing.

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If you would like to discuss how the Devon Clinic C.I.C. Laser Lipo can be of benefit to you then why not call the Devon Clinic C.I.C. today on 01803 500300.

Laser Lipo is sometimes also known as:

liposuction devon laser lipo
devon laser lipo inch loss laser lipo devon
guaranteed inch loss weight loss

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