Allergy Testing at the Devon Clinic C.I.C.

90 minute session £89.00

Our basic allergy and intolerance test will give results on over 150 foods and 50 environmental substances plus a vitamin and mineral deficiency test.

Allergy Testing can help with the following problems:

Allergies Bad Breath Acne
Anxiety Weight Loss

the Devon Clinic C.I.C is pleased to offer Allergy Testing from the following local practitioner(s):

Devon Allergy Clinic at New Devon Clinic Devon Allergy Clinic

Call 01803 500300 to make an appointment today.

More About Allergy Testing

Devon Allergy Clinic Director Marlene is a Registered Nurse with a Diploma in Allergy from the University of Greenwich only accessible to healthcare professionals.

As a member of Allergy Test UK Ltd. Marlene has the backing of a national team of testers who regularly meet for Continued Professional Development (CPD).

The Devon Allergy Clinic is in a unique position to integrate orthodox and complementary medicine for the benefit of the client.

Allergy Testing is sometimes also known as:

digestive health allergies rhinitis

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