Darren Carter @ the Devon Clinic C.I.C.

Darren Carter at New Devon Clinic

Therapies Offered Personal Trainer
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Massage
Phone 01803 500 300
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Darren Carter has been practising massage for over 10 years now and specialises in sports injuries as well as fitness coaching.

Massage has long been known for it’s many health benefits to ease the tension and stress held within our muscles, especially with our everyday life styles. It can also help with enhancing the immune system and alleviate pain and long term injury with regular maintenance treatments.Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment designed to target not just sports injuries but anyone who has prolonged pain and tension build up, mostly in the back and shoulders, as well as the Sciatic Nerve (lower back and down the sides of the legs) commonly know as Sciatica. With regular treatments it can be managed and in some cases eradicated.Treatments are from 60 minutes for general maintenance massage up to 1.30 minutes for more serious problems.For more information relating treatments and bookings please call me or email.

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