Musculoskeletal pain specialist at the Devon Clinic C.I.C.

Graham Elliott (BSc hons)


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Phone 01803 500 300
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Musculoskeletal specialist and masseur.

“I help people get out of pain by helping them to improve their posture, with the added benefit that they also feel more confident because they stand taller. I never stop learning and now realise there’s more than just the science and anatomy of the human body that makes it work. And in the same way, helping people get well needs more than just mechanics.”

Pain ManagementPain management

“The human body’s abilities to process all the information in and around it, keeping everything in control and balance, continually amaze me. For example, if you’ve ever tried balancing a model skeleton on its feet you’ll realise just how big a job the body has in keeping standing, let alone running and dancing. It’s this delicate balance that keeps us in health and when it gets out of balance we run into ill health and pain.”

Graham is an ITEC 3 qualified masseur.

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