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In 2002 Julie had severe lower back pain which affected her walking. She tried various therapies which worked for a while and then the pain would come back again. In 2004 she was recommended by a friend to try the Bowen Technique. After which she has not looked back. Within six sessions her back recovered. Over the next seven years she had Bowen regularly for general health and wellbeing. Her knees used to give way when running and her jaw used to click and lock. All of this was addressed by the Bowen.
In 2011 she decided that she loved Bowen so much that she wanted to become a therapist. She trained through the College of Bowen studies in Taunton and qualified in July 2012.
Since then she has continually updated her practice by undertaking two practitioners and a spinal workshop.
She also has a level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid and has a certificate for Identifying Flags in Healthcare.
She takes a great interest in diet and nutrition and the well being of her clients and of course still has regular Bowen.
Bowen is good for a range of conditions including: Back and neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfer’s elbow, sports injuries, leg length differences, tilted pelvis, joint pain, muscle spasm, hamstring pain, pain management, acute and chronic fatigue, asthma, hayfever, bronchial complaints, irritable bowel, digestive problems, strokes, whiplash, side affects of cancer, infant colic and PMT.

Testimonial from a client with sciatica

After 1st treatment: “I have a slight pain down the leg but it appears the manipulation from yesterday worked well. I had very little pain at all, in fact I was able to relax last evening for the first time for a week or so.”

After 2nd treatment 9 days later: “I have just about got all of my manoeuvrability back but just the pain in the small of my back & down the left leg but must say that it is less intense, thanks very much.”


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