About the Devon Clinic C.I.C.

Towards a Healthier Community

Chris Fleet, Devon ClinicChris Fleet originally set up The New Devon Clinic to incorporate as many complimentary therapists under one roof as possible.

While running charity days for carers and other worthwhile organisations in Torbay, it became obvious that the people that need us most can afford us least. We felt that the best way to help as many local people as possible was offer reduced or free treatments. But of course practitioners need to earn an income the same as everyone else does.

So we decided to set up as a community interest company (CIC). This means that any profits we make go back into the community either by way of those free or reduced priced treatments mentioned earlier. We can now also apply for funding for certain criteria such as single parents’ stress management.

We have three directors and a steering group of at least five people.

Our aim is quite simple – to provide health and wellbeing solutions for people living within a twenty mile radius of the clinic.
If you would like to know more please contact us using the form below.

Best wishes,

Chris Fleet, Founder, The Devon Clinic CIC

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