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    What is a C.I.C.?

    CIC stands for Community Interest Company and is a not for profit company. That means that any profits we do make get ploughed back into the community by way of offering free or discounted services.

    What do we offer?

    We offer a wide range of therapies ranging from Acupuncture to Allergy Testing and Chiropractic work through to Hypnotherapy with just about everything in between.

    If you are looking for help with a specific problem then please check out our ailments page, if you are looking for a particular therapist then check out our practitioner’s page or alternatively you can check out our therapies page to get an idea of what we offer and how they can be of help to you.

    Please enjoy the site and if you do want to contact us just click here to go to the contact page.

My anxiety is awful for me but worse for my boyfriend

“I appreciate that he tries to understand my struggle with anxiety, but I wish he didn’t have to.” For myself with anxiety, my boyfriend is an enigma. He drives long distances, eats expired foods, phones to order take away and goes to crowded places, all without fear. When we went more »

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Mental health is not Halloween entertainment

Despite it being 2016 we still need to say that mental health disorders are not Halloween inspirations. Year after year we see some form of mocking mental disability whether it be last year’s inappropriate costumes in supermarkets to this year’s park attractions depicting mental health as nothing more than a more »

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12 week psychic, spiritual and self awareness course

Get connected with Martine Wakefield Martine Wakefield has had an interest in psychic awareness and spiritualism since a young age.  For the past thirty-five years, Martine has studied, trained and practised in various aspects of psychic awareness and spiritual awareness and now Martine has decided that it’s time to share her knowledge and run more »

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Get connected drumming with Martine Wakefield

The benefits of drumming The scientific facts Drumming synchronises the left and right brain, Drumming accesses the whole brain. The sound of drumming generates dynamic neuronal connections in all parts of the brain even where there is significant damage or impairment such as ADD. The more connections that can be more »

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Depression and the real kicker

As a clinical psychologist I often meet people with depressive symptoms, low mood or diagnosed depression. I also meet people who, through medication or time, have ‘beaten’ depression. Still, the one thing these two groups can often have in common is GUILT. Often guilty thoughts/feelings/beliefs are formed in depression and more »

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