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    What is a C.I.C.?

    CIC stands for Community Interest Company and is a not for profit company. That means that any profits we do make get ploughed back into the community by way of offering free or discounted services.

    What do we offer?

    We offer a wide range of therapies ranging from Acupuncture to Allergy Testing and Chiropractic work through to Hypnotherapy with just about everything in between.

    If you are looking for help with a specific problem then please check out our ailments page, if you are looking for a particular therapist then check out our practitioner’s page or alternatively you can check out our therapies page to get an idea of what we offer and how they can be of help to you.

    Please enjoy the site and if you do want to contact us just click here to go to the contact page.

Stress management for single parents

Single parent stress management Single parents are known to suffer stress to a higher extent than many other sectors of society. As a clinic we have received funding to help with stress management for single parents, the funding involves An initial assessment An allergy test to determine whether you are more »

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Migraine Awareness Week 6th – 12th September

Migraine Awareness Week 6th – 12th September Every year The Migraine Trust promotes Migraine Awareness Week to raise general awareness of migraine as a serious public health issue and to reduce stigma. Migraine affects 1 in 7 people, that’s over eight million people in the United Kingdom alone, making it more »

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Back Pain and how to reduce it

Back Pain Common causes of back pain: Quite often back pain can be caused by minor sprains, strains or injuries, or a pinched or irritated nerve. Back pain can also be set off by everyday activities at home or at work, or they can develop gradually, over time. Avoid bending awkwardly or for more »

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